Monday, October 7, 2013

Tell It like it is Mr. Government-Man!

Ever notice how government programs deliver exactly the opposite thing than that for which they a
re named? Consider these three examples, The "Affordable" Health Care Act, The "Patriot" Act,
and Social "Security."

The "Affordable Health Care Act" (aka ObamaCare) is providing anything but affordable health care. Most of those few who were able to get into the Affordable Health Care "Market Places," i.e. government run insurance distribution sites got big-time sticker shock.  The Affordable Health Care Act is projected to run up trillions in debt over the next few years, create incentives that encourage established doctors to fold up their tents and would-be doctors to go into banking or something else that smart people can make money at.  Shortages, shortfalls, and long waiting lines are projected by experts from all sides.  In short the Affordable Health Care Act is anything but affordable.

The Patriot Act resulted in a massive increase in governmental intrusion. The government has admitted reading every email that every American writes, listening to every phone call, watching everyone do everything with visible and hidden cameras, grabbing US citizens in the dead of night and renditioning them off to black interrogation sites, and much, much more.  The Patriot Act violates the individual liberty of US Citizens in countless ways.  The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic.

Social Security was intended to provide retirement insurance for folks who were not able to save enough money to fund their own retirement, a "safety-net." But the Social Security "trust fund" was raided by the government long ago.  This massive, centrally planned program is now trillions of dollars in the hole.  Social Security in its current form is doomed. Unless major reforms are made soon it will collapse under the weight of massive unfunded liabilities.  Social Security does anything but make society more secure.

Since government programs tend to deliver exactly the opposite thing than that for which they are named I say why not cut to the chase? Why not give them names that represent the thing that they will actually do?  For starters, I propose renaming these three major government programs.  Instead of the Affordable Health Care act, call it what it is the Unaffordable Health Care Act, Instead of Patriot Act, call it what it is, the Unpatriotic Act, instead of Social Security, call it what it is Social Insecurity!

Mark VanSchuyver

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