Monday, June 22, 2015

Government Eats Internet

Obamanet Shows its Fangs -  by L. Gordon Crovitz, WSJ.  An excerpt . . . 
‘No, no, no, no!” Tom Wheeler shouted at the moderator. The Federal Communications Commission chairman was speaking at an Internet industry conference in March, soon after the FCC voted to regulate the Internet. His bureaucrats, he insisted, would never set rates, rule on tariffs or otherwise treat the Internet like an old-fashioned utility. 
Make that “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” 
The regulations went into effect earlier this month . . . The FCC now claims authority over the entire system, and Mr. Wheeler’s assurances to the contrary were known to be false when he made them. 
Among Mr. Wheeler’s whoppers: He claimed in Wired magazine: “There will be no rate regulation.” The FCC’s fact sheet on the new regulations repeated the claim, adding that “broadband providers shall not be subject” to rate regulation and that the new rules don’t include “utility-style rate regulation.” 
The truth is that the core of President Obama’s demand for change is the replacement of technologists operating freely in the market with rules and rates set by bureaucrats. . . 
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