Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hillary Plays The Victim in CNN Interview

Hillary Clinton still comes across as guarded, quibbling, and pokerfaced under the TV lights. - Lloyd Grove - Daily Beast.  An excerpt . . .
Widening her eyes and nodding at times like a bobblehead doll—occasionally emitting a percussive laugh—Clinton dodged one policy question after another, pretended Sanders barely exists, and proclaimed her “total respect” for the pesky press—the same press that her campaign aides actually lassoed with ropes in the middle of a New Hampshire street in order to keep them away during a July 4th parade. 
“I’m not running my campaign for the press. I’m running it for voters,” Clinton explained to Keilar, an edge to her voice. That at least sounded truthful. But then Clinton added, with apparent insincerity: “I totally respect the press, and what the press has to do.”

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